Can I list an Experience even if I am not a boat owner?

Of course, it is not essential to be the owner of the boat with which you will carry out the Experience.

Before approving your proposal, however, we need a document proving the actual availability of the boat for the dates of the departures you wish to associate with an Experience.

Our Skipper Support will ask you to send one of the following documents:

  • Charter contract or charter booking confirmation;
  • Sailing licence with ownership page + letter from the owner confirming the period for which he makes the use of the boat available to you.

As of 2020, Sailsquare has created a new platform that allows you to rent a boat for one or more weeks of sailing.

Thanks to this new service, you will be able to search and select sailboats, catamarans, gulets, schooners and sailing ships from all over the world on the Sailsquare Yachts website. If you choose to charter a boat through Sailsquare Yachts and then post one or more sailings with this boat, Sailsquare will reserve a privileged service fee for you!


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