How can I get an invoice for the experience I bought through Sailsquare?

Sailsquare, as a marketplace, collects the fees paid by Travellers for the booking of the Experience, on behalf of the Organising Provider and subsequently pays them to the Organising Provider, applying the service fees charged by the Organising Provider.

At the time of booking by the Traveller, Sailsquare may invoice the Traveller for the amount of the service charges applied exclusively to the Traveller and any extra Sailsquare services selected at the time of purchase. For the remainder, please contact the experience provider, who is solely responsible for the organisation and success of the proposed experiences.

Please note, however, that if you wish to receive an invoice from Sailsquare for the above details, you must request it at the time of booking and payment. It is not possible to issue an invoice for a service that has already been provided. 

The issuance of an invoice is not compulsory unless requested by the customer no later than the time when the transaction is carried out (art.22, paragraph 1 n.1 D.P.R. 633/1972) and, in this regard, Ministerial Circular n.97/E of 4.4.1997 specifies that the issuance of an invoice may be requested no later than 24 hours after the transaction has been carried out, as governed by art. 6 of DPR 633/1972.


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