What personal information is visible to other platform users?

When you register on Sailsquare or make a reservation, you will need to complete a set of personal data and information. This data is necessary for registration and booking purposes, but it is not data visible to all users of the platform.

The only personal data that other users of the platform can see about you are your first name (of your last name, however, only the initial will be visible) and the information you choose to include within your public profile page, such as, for example: your profile photo, the city where you live, etc..

Your "history" on Sailsquare will also be visible, such as people you have travelled with, people you follow and are followed by, experiences you have participated in, and reviews you have received from other travellers. Your personal profile is visible only to registered users of the platform.

NB: Once you make a booking, the provider organising the experience will receive an email with your personal information for departure, such as your full name, age, phone number, email address, and social security number that you entered during the booking process.


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