What is included in the price?

In each experience card you will find a section dedicated to the costs to be borne. 

Next to the price of the experience you are interested in, you will find "What's included", which will take you to the section of the experience card of the same name. In this section you will find a list of the services included in the participation fee, the excluded services to be paid at the time of embarkation, the expenses that are part of the starter pack, those that will make up the common fund, and any paid services to be agreed with the Provider.


For all expenses not included in the holiday participation fee each Provider will insert an indicative range of expenses or the exact figure (in the case of the starter pack) so that you know in advance how much they will amount to. There are some expenses that can be predicted from the outset, such as the membership card or the cost of bed linen and towels, while others will be calculated as the holiday progresses. For example, the cost of fuel is generally calculated at the end of the holiday, based on the total number of hours the motor was used.

Usually, for all sailing experiences, the participation fee always includes the skipper, the boat, and the final cleaning of the boat. 

On the other hand, as non-sailing experiences are very different, please read all the details in the Experience Services section and the Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of each experience page.

Finally, for any further information on costs, we recommend that you contact the provider organising the experience, who will be able to provide you with all the details you require.


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