For what reasons can my reservation be refused?

When you book an Experience you should be aware that the Provider who organises it has 24 hours to reject your booking. If your booking is declined you will receive an immediate email notification and our Customer Care team will contact you as soon as possible to find a solution together.

But why might the Provider not accept your booking?

This can happen in case the Provider has not updated the availability of places on board and there are more places on the platform than are actually available: Sailsquare requires all Providers to constantly monitor the availability of published places, but especially in high season it can happen that a Provider is sailing and cannot update its availability in time. For this reason, we always suggest that you exchange a couple of messages with the organiser before booking.

Another reason why your booking may be declined could be that the organiser, for some reasonable reason, does not consider you suitable for the proposal you have signed up for. For example, if you book an experience with long and demanding sailings for you and your children, the organiser may consider it better not to accept your booking so as not to endanger your safety on board.

When we speak of 24 hours, we are referring to a period of time given to the organiser; it is not a question of an additional 24 hours given to the Traveller to choose whether or not to confirm their booking.

Finally, we would like to remind you that Sailsquare is a community based on trust and transparency: for this reason the Provider has the possibility to cancel your booking at any time, even after 24 hours, if you have provided inaccurate or untrue information (e.g. regarding gender and age, or the presence of minors not properly reported during the booking process), or if you have omitted special needs (e.g. allergies, pets on board) and physical conditions that may endanger your health (e.g. medication and pregnancy).

For more information about cancelling your booking, please contact our Customer Support via the Help Desk page.


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