What does 'Best Price Guarantee' mean?

According to our "Best Price Guarantee" clause, you can request a refund of the difference if you find the same offer you booked, at a lower price, on another site.

After you have booked, you can request a refund of the difference, within 10 days from the time of booking and, in any case, within 3 days from the departure date of the experience, if you have found a lower price for the same experience (the "Offer") on another site.

Criteria for obtaining a refund of the difference

  • The Offer must be for the same experience (same Provider, destination, itinerary, departure and arrival dates, services included/excluded);
  • The Offer must have the same general conditions and cancellation terms;
  • The Offer must be available online on another website and must still be available at the time of our verification.

In what cases is it not possible to request a refund?

  • If the Offer is part of a loyalty programme or point collection;
  • If the Offer constitutes a promotion (early booking, last minute, etc.) or a special offer, is valid for a limited time, is reserved for a particular target group (e.g. a group, repeat customers, etc.).

Limits of application

The price reduction applies up to a limit of 10% of the price paid on Sailsquare for the experience: if the difference between the price paid on Sailsquare and the price of the Offer exceeds 10%, you are entitled to request cancellation of the booking if the experience is not yet confirmed on the date of the request.

How to request a refund

Send an email to support@sailsquare.com with the details of the booking you made on Sailsquare and the link or a screenshot of the offer you found on another website.

After verification by our team, if applicable, you will receive an email confirming the new price applied and you will be refunded the difference.


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