What is Sailsquare?

Sailsquare is a marketplace that connects sea and nature lovers to providers who organise sailing and nature experiences. 

The aim of Sailsquare is to facilitate the meeting between organisers and travellers, within a safe and secure system, but it does not deal directly with the organisation of the experiences proposed on its portal. It allows users to get in touch before booking the experience so that they can get to know each other virtually, thus creating an active and dynamic social network.  The service offered by Sailsquare consists, therefore, in managing the platform, not being in any way part of the contractual relationship between organisers and travellers.

After registration it is possible to apply as a Provider to organise sailing experiences. Each organiser, following a document verification process by the Sailsquare staff, is enabled to create and manage experiences on the platform. 

Sailsquare guarantees the security of the transactions by collecting the fees from the participants and turning them over to the organiser only after the start of the experience, retaining a commission on the price paid.

By registering on Sailsquare you will become part of a growing community of sea and nature lovers eager to share this fantastic experience with people like you.


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