What does 'Flexible Cancellation' mean?

At the time of your Reservation you can choose between two different covers:

  1. Standard Refund Terms, or
  2. Extended Refund Terms (where applicable).

Standard Refund Terms

You may cancel your booking within 30 days of the start date of a Departure and receive a refund of the amount paid (with the exception of any Additional Services selected at the time of purchase), with no deductible and no upper limit, even if the holiday is already confirmed, without giving any reason. The Standard Refund Terms apply to all experiences, except those for which the Provider's Special Refund Terms prevail, as specified in the "Cancellations and Refunds" section of each Experience page.


Extended Refund Terms

You may cancel your reservation and receive a 100% refund if you are unable to participate in the Experience (covers only the person making this reservation), at any time up to and including departure, and you may try one of the many reasons set out in the Extended Refund Policy, which you accept when you select Extended Refund Policy. When booking an Experience, you may choose to extend the Refund Policy at an extra charge, where available.

This option is available on Confirmed Departures and Unconfirmed Departures, if the number of units you are purchasing allows for the Minimum Number of Participants specified by the Experience Provider.


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