What is the role of the skipper?

The skippers of the experiences published on Sailsquare are sailing enthusiasts who love to share authentic experiences in the company of the crew accompanying them.

On board a sailing boat, the skipper plays the role of captain: it is he who manages the manoeuvres and decides the itinerary according to the weather conditions, so that everyone can enjoy a completely safe holiday.

The skipper will be happy to share his sailing experience and passion with you, teaching you the basics of sailing, involving you in manoeuvres on board or simply telling you some interesting anecdotes. 

Often he has already sailed in the area where he will accompany you, knowing every secret corner of it: coves, characteristic harbours and maybe even places ashore are his subject! Be careful though: the skipper is not a tour guide and his task is not to act as a 'cicerone' for the group 😉 He is an integral part of the crew, he is not just the captain of the boat. He will be your point of reference during the holiday: don't hold back from asking him questions!

Unless otherwise indicated, the skipper is generally not in charge of preparing meals and/or cleaning the cabins on board. Instead, these activities are carried out, in collaboration, by the people participating in the experience.

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