What is the common fund? How does it work?

The common fund is a kind of piggy bank or wallet shared between crew members that will allow all expenses to be paid, such as port dues, fuel and food. 

For each experience, before departure, the skipper estimates the total of the common fund. Within the experience page you have chosen, you will find a Common Fund section detailing the expenses covered by the Common Fund and an indicative figure to consider.

This may vary depending on the type of boat, the duration of the holiday, the crew and the destination, but it is always a very reasonable figure. 

Some tips:

  • It is always best to set up the common fund in cash, in order to meet all kinds of expenses, and in local currency;
  • The skipper does not participate in the common fund. If there are 7 of you on board (counting the skipper), the total of the common fund will be divided among the 6 guests.
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