What should I carry in my luggage?

Travelling on a boat means travelling light!

So avoid leaving with a huge suitcase, but instead choose a soft travel backpack that only contains items that are easy to put away.

Remember to bring clothes for every season: at sea, the weather can change quickly and the wind may be stronger while sailing. Don't forget to ask the skipper for advice too!



  • Warm clothes: at sea, even in summer, it is essential to be able to cover yourself well according to the sea breeze. So remember a fleece, an anorak and a woollen cap.
  • Comfortable clothes: a tracksuit for when you're on board in the evening, some soft, light t-shirts, shorts and, for women, little dresses for the evening!
  • Waterproof clothes: it is important to have a k-way or a waterproof jacket (not a cape) in case of a few drops of rain, to stay dry.
  • White-soled shoes: be careful not to leave with dark-soled shoes, as they may leave marks when you walk outside. Wear shoes that dry quickly and are lightweight. Avoid flip-flops if you can as they are often slippery and do not protect your toes (you might accidentally hit your toes walking on the deck!).
  • Sunglasses, sun cream, hat or cap: the sun beats very strongly when you are on board due to glare (even when the sky is cloudy). Remember to protect yourself often with cream and to wear a hat with a visor.
  • Swimming costume and beach towel: well, ça va sans dire!
  • Always useful: a small waterproof bag to protect your camera, phone and documents. A small torch to move around easily when it gets dark and some travel medicine (aspirin, plasters, disinfectant...)


  • Heels! You'll risk catching a sprain on board and ruining the outer deck of the boat. Wearing them will only make you waste space in your rucksack: for girls they are much better than low sandals!
  • 2000W hairdryer: on board a sailing boat it is impossible to connect an appliance with such a high voltage. A small travel hair dryer that you can use once in port is fine.
  • Hard suitcases: bring a soft backpack that you can easily stow away once you have stored your clothes in the wardrobe (space is limited for oversized items).
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