Can I delete a Departure I have listed?

Yes, if you have problems and are unable to make a Departure you can cancel it.

You can request the cancellation of a Departure from the Departure details page in your Provider Area:

Provider Area → Departures → Search for the Departure you are interested in → Click on the three red dots for "Details" → Click on Cancel this Departure

If there are no bookings, the Departure will be automatically cancelled; on the contrary, if there is at least one booking when you request cancellation, the Departure will not be automatically cancelled. Your request will be sent to the Sailsquare team, who will take care of it as soon as possible.


The cancellation of one or more Departures is regulated by the Sailsquare Cancellation Policy.

We remind you that if the departure is confirmed, Sailsquare is entitled to charge you the service fees for bookings received up to that moment.

We know that a hitch can happen to anyone, but the whole Sailsquare team works hard to bring you the maximum number of bookings and therefore repeated cancellations over time may lead to temporary and/or permanent suspension of your Sailsquare account.


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