How do I calculate the net I will receive for each booking?

When you enter the price for a Departure, our system will automatically show you the net value that you will receive, the cost of the service that we will invoice you for, and finally the cost of the service applied to the Traveller.

In fact, the price you indicate will be the price visible on the Departure page, i.e. the final price that the Traveller will pay. 

The final price includes all the costs of the Sailsquare service, both those charged to you as Provider, which will be deducted from the payment of the fee collected on your behalf and will be invoiced to you, and those costs charged exclusively to the Traveller.


For example, if you indicate a fee of 636.00€, this will be divided as follows:

- 36.00€ the commission to be paid by the Traveler;

- 90.00€ the commission charged to the Provider;

- 510.00€ the net amount you will receive.

Remember that the amount paid by the Traveller, net of all costs applied exclusively to him/her and including the commission applied to you as Provider, is also indicated in the confirmation email of his/her booking.

In addition, from the 'Reservations' section in your Provider Area you can access the details of each individual booking received. For each booking you will find:

  1. NET BOOKING AMOUNT, i.e. the amount paid by the Traveller less any additional services selected during the booking process or Sailsquare discounts. This amount contains the Service Fee applied to you as the Provider.
  2. COMMISSION, i.e. the cost of the service that we will apply to the booking.


Knowing these two pieces of information, deriving the net is very simple: you will have to subtract the commission from the net amount of the booking.

For example, you will find it stated like this

- Net booking amount: €600.00
- Commission: €90.00

To calculate your net amount: 600 - 90 = €510.00

If you have any questions about how to enter your desired price, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care.

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