I am at the embarkation point, but the boat or skipper is not the one indicated in the experience page: what do I do?

We are very sorry that you have found a different situation from the one you have chosen.

If, once you arrive at the embarkation point, you discover that the boat or the skipper is different from those indicated in the experience card you have purchased, please contact our Customer Care immediately.

Our goal is to be able to assure you that what you have purchased actually corresponds to the reality you will find at the boarding location.  We understand that both the skipper and the boat proposed are key elements in the choice of the experience and how it will be carried out, which is why we ask all Providers to adhere to what is proposed in the form published on Sailsquare. However, unfortunately, an unforeseen event may occur whereby the organising provider or boat may not be the one indicated in the proposal form. 

Should such a situation occur, please contact our Customer Care via the Help Centre: we will be happy to find a solution together and allow you to enjoy an exciting experience. We are also sure that all providers will be the first to do their utmost to find a solution for you. 

However, we would like to remind you that it is essential that you notify us of any differences via the various channels within 12 hours of the start date and time of the experience. Once this timeframe has elapsed without any notification being received by Customer Support or deciding to take part in the experience anyway, any changes you make at the time of departure will be considered accepted.

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