Bad weather forecast: what happens?

Evaluating weather and sea conditions is the task and responsibility of each skipper accompanying you during your chosen experience. Two situations may arise:

  1. The experience organiser considers that the weather-marine conditions do not jeopardise the safety of the guests
    In this case the experience will take place and some modifications may be made; wind and sea are naturally part of a sailing experience and even less favourable weather conditions can be an opportunity to enjoy an exciting sailing experience, spending time sailing and learning to sail. 

  2. The organiser of the experience considers weather and sea conditions to be particularly unfavourable for sailing and activities even in port.
    In this case, should it be necessary to cancel the experience, you will be entitled to a refund of the fee paid and together with Sailsquare Customer Care you can choose another available date.

It's important to remember that the provider organising the experience is the only one who will be able to assess and judge whether the weather conditions allow him/her to guarantee the safety of everyone present, also making choices based on the sailing experience of the participants.

In any case, don't worry: the skippers are generally profound connoisseurs of the places where they sail, but also of the surrounding areas ashore: they will be able to advise you on the most typical locales, the most interesting activities and excursions to do ashore, or they can devote part of their time to passing on their passion to you :)

Under no circumstances will the partial or total modification of the programme indicated in the experience sheet as a result of less favourable weather conditions entitle you to claim a refund from Sailsquare.

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