How do Sailsquare user reviews work?

Sailsquare encourages its users to post a review of their experience on board to help trust develop within its community: all the reviews on Sailsquare are written by travellers who have joined the experience reviewed.

Our community relies on honest and transparent reviews: for this reason, Sailsquare does not offer any incentive, of any kind, to its users to write a review.

Reviews can be written within a maximum of 30 days after the end of the experience to which they relate, are immediately visible on the site from the moment they are saved, with no time limit and are presented in descending temporal order with respect to the departure date of the experience booked.

NB: Sailsquare, however, has the right not to publish or to delete any review or reply if it believes that the content of the review may violate Sailsquare General Terms and Conditions or Sailsquare's policies on reviews' contents, or this FAQ article.


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