What are coupons and what are they used for?

Coupons are special discounts related to a promotion launched by Sailsquare. When a coupon has an expiration date (expressed together with the promotion), you can use it only within that specific span of time.
To use the coupon, you have to enter the page of the holiday you are interested into, click on "book now" and insert the coupon code inside the provided section, clicking finally on "verify code" to check its validity.
It is possible to use a coupon to discount up to 15% of the total value of the holiday you're interested into. Moreover, the applicable discount via coupon code varies according to each holiday. During the booking process, you can view the amount you can discount from the total amount of the selected holiday. A coupon code is not combinable with other promotions (i.e. a gift card, other coupon codes or credit earned with reward program).
There are three types of coupon: open ones, usable by anybody who knows about the promotion; nominal ones, usable only for selected users; coupons usable only for a specific holiday inside the website.

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