Can I make a discount or a special offer to a user?

Yes, sure. When creating a holiday you can insert an "early booking" discount that can be applied to every user who books your holiday until it is confirmed.
If you want to offer a discount to a specific user, you can send him/her a special offer when answering to a message he/she sent you via Sailsquare.

How to send a special offer:
1. Go inside the message area and search for the message received by the user.
2. Open the conversation, write a message to the user and click on "send customised offer"
3. Insert the number of people you want to dedicate this offer to (the user will be able to use it only if he/she books exactly the number of fees you specified) and the price per person
4. Click on "send custom offer"

NB: if you send more than one offer for the same experience to a user, he/she will be able to use just the latest offer, other previous offers won't be valid anymore.

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