How can I publish a holiday on Sailsquare?

As soon as you have been approved as a Skipper or boatowner you can create a new holiday by logging in and selecting "create a holiday" from your personal menu. 

Once inside you will be able to create your new proposal by starting from a new one or starting from your previous holiday contents. 

Moreover, you will have to provide all the information that can help users to have a complete overview of your new proposal such as: 

  • date of your holiday; 
  • destination;
  • price per person. 

Among these details, you'll be able to provide a minimum number of participants that will determine when your holiday will be confirmed. You have also the opportunity to apply an "Early Booking" discount for the first users that will get on board before the holiday is confirmed. 

Remember that users don't like to have undesired surprises. Including in the price per person all the extra costs you know in advance will help you to get better feedback. 

Finally remember that in every moment you can save it as draft and that Sailsquare is always here to help you


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