Why should I pay and communicate directly via sailsquare?

Sailsquare connects people who have a sailboat with people who want to do an experience at the sea. Through a "peer-to-peer" platform, users can join boating trips that are directly offered by private boat owners.

Exchanges between private actors are always vulnerable and uncertain and sailsquare's system has been created to let skippers and tourists meet in a safe environment; sailsquare’s system is designed to give you peace of mind. Paying and communicating only through the sailsquare platform is vital to make your experience as positive and secure as possible. When you book through sailsquare, payments go through our secure structure and are not released to the other party until 2 working days after departure. Sailsquare also provides specific cancellation policies, private messaging system for skippers and guests and a multichannel support always available. Paying or communicating outside the platform makes it harder for us to protect your data and expose you to a higher risk of fraud or other safety troubles. Moreover, it doesn't make available the protection Sailsquare guarantees to every user that books via the platform, especially the refund policies. If someone asks you to pay or communicate outside sailsquare, please report it here.

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