How are user profiles verified?

The verifications are a way to link your sailsquare profile to your personal data such as your Facebook profile, telephone number or your email address.

On sailsquare there are different verification methods. You can visualize the verifications completed by a user with the verification badges that you can find on his public profile.

Here are other methods that we use to promote reliability and that help you in deciding who you want to host on your boat and/or who you is going to travel with you:

  • Reviews and references: on sailsquare, users can write reviews on each other and it is only possible to write a review on someone who effectively travelled with you. But everyone on sailsquare can ask for a personal reference to people they know.
  • Detailed profiles: skippers and travellers can add a description, a photo of themselves, write what they like to do when they are on a boat and so on. These details, together with an instant messaging system, help people meeting before the reservation of a holiday.
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