How can I contact another user?

If you want to contact the skipper to have further information about a listed holiday, you can send him a message via Sailsquare messaging system. You must first log in or sign up in order to do it. Once inside the holiday page, click on the red button "contact the skipper" right under the price of the experience. Write your message and click "send". For safety and privacy issues, you can't call or send email to the skipper before the booking is made. Find out more about the reasons why it is better to maintain conversations and transactions on Sailsquare. After booking the experience on Sailsquare, you have the possibility both to ask the skipper his/her email or telephone number and leave your personal contacts on the holiday message board. In order to access, click on "holidays you take part in" from your personal menu, select the holiday and click on "go to the holiday message board".


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