What kind of boats are used for the sailing experiences?

The boats used for the listings can be monohulls or catamarans, generally from 38 feet (10 meters) to 50 feet (22 meters)

Depending on the model, boats can have from 2 to 5 cabins, with a number of equal bathrooms or less than the number of cabins. If you need more information about the boat that you find within each holiday page, do not hesitate to contact the skipper for more information.

It may happen that some skippers decide to rent a boat from a charter, and they are not the owners of the boat: in those cases the "Boat" section does not appear on the holiday page, but we will always report on the holiday page the model, the number of cabins and bathrooms and the year of construction, inserting, where possible, some sample photographs of the model declared by the organiser.


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