How can I book a holiday?

To book a holiday you only have to click on the "book now" button that you can find in every proposal that is published on sailsquare. 

After the insertion of you personal data (telephone, address, etc) you will be asked to insert the number of shares you want to buy or, alternatively, the entire boat, and you will be able to visualize any existing discounts and sailsquare's commission for services. At this stage you will be able to proceed with payment through PayPal or credit card.


Once the required fee has been paid you will receive a notification email with the summing up of the reservation.


The skipper who receives your reservation has 24 hours to cancel it, after this time your reservation is fully confirmed. 



Before proceeding with the reservation you are advised to send a message to the skipper - by clicking on the "Contact the skipper" button - so that you can introduce yourself and receive further information on the experience that you intend to book.

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