Is it safe?

We are constantly working to develop effective tools in order to improve the quality of the experiences you can find in our portal. The wealth of personal information in users profiles, the verification of the information entered by users (email, telephone, Facebook profile, etc.) in addition to the reviews of the holidays written by people who have been already involved are the key elements of this system, designed to ensure users trust and to ensure higher and higher safety levels. 

The elements on which sailsquare security system is based are:


  • Safe payment methods: sailsquare collects the participation fees and proceeds with the payment to the boat owner only after departure in order to guarantee the security of payments - managed by PayPal - and the compliance with cancellation and refund policies. 


  • Verified skippers and boats: every skipper, before being authorized, undertakes an interview by telephone and our staff verifies if the boat is actually provided with all the documentation required for navigation. If the holiday is carried out with a chartered boat, it has to be rented from a charter company. 


  • Reviews: after a holiday, members of the crew can rate the skipper (1 to 5 stars) and this is relevant to determine his rating on the platform. They can also write a feedback on the experience they had onboard. Users, in their turn, can receive reviews written by the skipper and other crew members.


  • Detailed profiles: the profile enables every user to create a "reputation" in the community and this helps the virtual meeting between users and increases the possibility to find traveling companions who are close to you in terms of interests. The registration via Facebook allows users to find friends who are in common with other sailsquare users. In the personal profile you can also find information on users' previous experiences with sailsquare: joined holidays, with whom they sailed, visited places and so on. The identity of the organizer of the experiences and the owned licenses are ultimately verified by our staff during the authorization process.


  • Constant assistance: during office hours there is a multilingual customer support service, via chat, telephone or online contact form. If you need support this is the number you can call:+44 20 3514 4220, or you can send your request by filling in an online form here.
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