About Sailsquare

Sailsquare connects people owning a sailing boat with people eager to do an experience at the sea. Through a "peer-to-peer" platform, users can join sailing trips directly offered by private boat owners.


Sailsquare is an easy way for skippers and travellers to meet through a safe and reliable system; however, sailsquare does not organize itself the experiences on the web portal. It lets users get in touch before booking a holiday so that they can virtually meet; in this way a dynamic social network takes place.


By registering on the platform, it is possible to apply as a skipper or as a boat owner (private owner of a sailing boat). Every boat owner has to go through a selection process run by sailsquare and after that he can publish his/her own holiday experiences.

Travellers can browse through the experiences proposed with a search engine and then book the one they have selected.


Sailsquare offers hundreds of experiences worldwide and every proposal is completed by various information concerning the holiday's organization. In addition, it is possible to see the profile of the people who have already joined the crew and the profile of the skipper along with his experiences and the feedbacks he received from other users who have already been on board with him. 

Users can get in touch with the boat owner through the instant messaging service, they can ask him for further information and then join the holiday by paying their participation fee.


Sailsquare ensures the safety of the transactions by collecting participants money and then giving it to the boat owner when the experience starts; sailsquare retains a fee on the payed price. 


By registering on Sailsquare platform you will join a community that gets bigger and bigger every day, made up of sea lovers who want to share this wonderful experience with people like you.


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