What is the correct procedure to get reward credits?

To invite unregistered friends to Sailsquare and get the Reward Program credits, once logged in:

  • If you are browsing with a computer, hover over the photo of your profile or your avatar icon to open the personal menu, then click on "Earn credits for your holidays".
  • If you are using a mobile device or tablet, click on your profile picture or your avatar icon to open the personal menu, then click on "Earn credits for your holidays".

You can now chose if you want to invite your friend sending him/her a link through Facebook or via mail message.

At this point, if you have invited your friend via e-mail, he will have to access his e-mail account and click on the red button with the words "Claim your €25 credit!" to access the registration page. If you have invited your friend via a Facebook link, then he will directly access this page.

Be careful! In order to correctly redeem the reward credit, your friend must sign in through the page accessed by invitation by clicking on the red "Register" button at the top, or on the red button "Register and get on board!" below in the middle of the page. Otherwise, the credit will not be accounted for.
Now your friend is left to choose the mode to register on Sailsquare - via email address or via Facebook.

At the end of the registration, to verify that it has been successful, access the page again via the link "Earn credits for your holiday" from your personal drop-down menu: your friend should find 25 Euro credit available to book his/her next experience, while you should see 25 euro of credit in "pending" status that you can use as soon as your friend finishes his first experience on Sailsquare.

For any other information on the correct procedure to gain reward credits please contact our Customer Support.


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