Why do I have to communicate and book exclusively on Sailsquare?

One of Sailsquare's roles is to provide a safe place for users to communicate with, to exchange information about an experience before booking and to arrange for departure.
Keeping the conversation within the platform is essential to enable us to continue providing you with a secure environment.

Booking through Sailsquare transactions are made via a secure system and your quota is transferred to the Crew Leader / Tour Leader 2 working days from the beginning of the experience.
Making the transaction on Sailsquare and communicating within the special message area allows you to be protected by our General Terms and Conditions, as well as receive support in case of need.

Choosing to communicate and book the experience outside the platform makes it harder for us to protect your information, and exposes you to a greater risk of fraud or other security issues. Moreover, we couldn't applicate Sailsquare reserves to every user who books through the platform, in particular as regards guarantees on cancellations and refunds.
Should someone ask you to pay externally or try to contact you via channels outside the platform to elect the payment methods offered by Sailsquare, we urge you to immediately stop communicating with this person and contact Customer Support to inform us of the incident.


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