Among the participants there will also be people not registered on Sailsquare, how do I behave?

Sailsquare does not ask you to sell your holidays exclusively on our plateform, so you can also receive bookings from all your other active channels: so you can have both your customers and Sailsquare users during an experience.
However, we ask you to constantly update the availability of spots, adding from the "Crew Page" the guests who book through your private channels.

This is fundamental for two reasons:

1. first of all, it avoids overbooking, which affects our professionalism and transparency towards our users;
2. secondly, it encourages Sailsquare users to book your holiday: in fact, for those users who are not convinced yet, seeing people who have already booked with you considerably increases the probability of booking.

Here's how to update spots on board:

- Access your personal menu and click on "My travel projects";
- Click on the blue box of the proposal that interests you and you will be redirected to the "Crew page";
- Scroll down the page and will find the section "The crew", inside which there are portholes;
- Click on the "Reserve this spot "button, that you find under each porthole: you will access a screen to add details about your guests. The email field is not mandatory, but remember to indicate the first name, age and type of person.


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