What should I do if I am asked to pay outside the payment system offered by Sailsquare?

Normally all transactions take place regularly through Sailsquare service. We want to give you some piece of advice if you receive proposals that would lead you to act against the General Terms and Conditions, and choosing a different payment method.

All payments on Sailsquare must be made strictly as described here: How do payments work on Sailsquare?

Maintaining all communications and transactions on Sailsquare is of such paramount importance to avoid the risk of fraud and to guarantee you the best security experience. Only by paying with the tools provided by Sailsquare can you benefit from the protection of payments, guarantees on compliance with cancellation and refund policies and our assistance. However, if you agree to use alternative tools, Sailsquare will not be able to help you if necessary.

Should someone ask you to pay externally or try to contact you via other channels outside the platform, we invite you to immediately stop communicating with this person and contact our Customer Support to report the incident and avoid, therefore, incurring the sanctions provided by the Terms and General Conditions.


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