How can I update available spots onboard?

If you promote your experiences on other channels out of Sailsquare it is very important to keep the availability of the spots constantly updated in order to always offer a high quality service to all the users.

When you receive a reservation for an experience that you have also published on the platform, you can updates spots following this process:

1. Access your profile
2. From your personal drop-down menu select the item "My travel projects"
3. Select the experience for which you want to update the available spots on board, by clicking on the blue box with the date and title of the experience.
4. Scroll down to "The Crew" section. Here, under each porthole, you will find a button to block the spot. We ask you to enter the name, gender and age of the person for whom you are blocking the spot. Remember that the more information you enter, the easier it will be for Sailsquare users to understand how the group is composed and then choose to join the experience.

However, it is not possible to increase or decrease the maximum number of spots available on the experience page. The user has chosen your experience also according to this information. Should you ever need to change this information, please contact our Customer Support here.


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