How do payments work on Sailsquare?

When booking an experience you will be asked to also make the payment of the full participation fee.

Sailsquare collects the sums on the behalf of the Crew Leader organizer of the experience and therefore the payment can be understood as a payment made directly to him. For your safety and to ensure compliance with Sailsquare policy regarding cancellations and refunds, the amount you paid at the time of booking is retained and sent to the Crew Leader two working days after the beginning of the experience.

All transactions are made through secure connections directly through the service offered by Stripe, which guarantees the security of the transaction. It is possible to pay by credit card, debit card or prepaid card.
For no reasons your sensitive data related to a transaction (e.i: credit card information) will be communicated to Sailsquare or transit through the systems managed by Sailsquare.

We remind you that it is extremely important to use the payment system described here because it is the only way that allows Sailsquare to protect its users, in compliance with what is described in the General Terms and Conditions. If you propose or choose to use alternative tools, not only your payment does not benefit from the protections offered by Sailsquare, but you are also violating Sailsquare General Terms and Conditions and may incur penalties.

If you wish to make a payment by bank transfer, please contact our Customer Support for instructions. We remind you that if you choose an offline payment method, as in the case of bank transfer, you will not be able to use discounts such as coupons and Reward Program Credits.


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