How should I complete the "Description" and "Other useful information" section of my listing?

The description of the experience is the first section that users see when they access your proposal: for this reason it must be clear but also catchy. The travelers must understand immediately what will be the activities during the cruise and the reason to choose to. All users want to know what they will visit: do not just list the activities and the different ports of each day, but make them dream! For example, if you know some typical restaurants or tavern where you can taste the typical dishes of the area, or if you know the best point from which to admire the sunset ... tell it! This will make your proposal even more interesting and above all unique! Remember that many users are newbies, so it is also useful to write what will be the "every day activities" related to sailing and do not forget to add that the itinerary, that could be modified according to weather conditions.

Here we list 5 aspects that should never be missing in a perfect description:

1- What mood the experience will it be? Relaxed, comfortable, dynamic, sporty, nightlife oriented?
2- How will the typical day be?
3- Will you visit characteristic places that you already know or particularly memorable bays? What are they called and where are they located?
4- How long will you sail? Will it be an intense navigation?
5- And what are you like, what do you like to do while sailing? What do you love about sailing and your boat?

The section dedicated to extra information can instead be used to inform your future crew on what to bring on board: often it is neophytes, so it is important to be precise at least on the essential things. You can also give them some tips on how to get to the boarding place.

NB: In both sections it is strictly forbidden to enter personal information or references to external sites / social networks.


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