How can I specify what is included and what is not included?

You can indicate what is included in the fee and what the extra expenses are during the creation of the experience. At the bottom of the first page of "List your holiday" you will find a dedicated space.

For the experiences on a sailboat, the price always includes the following items: boat, skipper and final cleaning. You can also choose whether to include other expenses in the price, such as meals and drinks on board, mooring fees and fuel costs, or leave them as extra expenses, providing also an indication of the range of expenses to be incurred throughout the duration of the experience.

We remind you to round up the extra expenses range: travelers are much more satisfied if they can have a more precise idea of ​​the expenses they will have to bear. In addition, if you already know of additional expenses that are beyond those already listed above, enter them in the appropriate box, indicating what is the cost and the approximate amount per person, possibly deepening them with an explanation in the section "" Other practical information "", which you will find on the third page of the holiday creation. These include, for example, entry into protected marine areas or visits with local guides. This will allow your guests to make informed choices and avoid unpleasant surprises during the experience.


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