How can I send a customised offer or apply a special discount?

Yes, for sure. During the holiday creation process, you can set an early booking discount. This discount will be applied to the minimum number of people you decide to confirm the holiday with.

The discount ends when the minimum number of people you selected is reached. When the holiday is online, if you decide to confirm it before the minimum number is reached, the discount will remain valid for the number of people you selected when creating the holiday. For further information about the early booking discount, click here.

Instead, if you want to apply a discount to a specific user without changing the price of the holiday, you can send him a customized offer answering to the message he wrote you in Sailsquare message area.
NB: This option is feasible only when a user writes to you through Sailsquare message area.

How to send a customized offer:
- Enter the message area and find the message you received by the user you’re interested into.
- Open the conversation, write to the user an answer presenting your offer and click on “send a customized offer”
- Insert on the left side the new amount per person and on the right side the number of people you’d like to offer this new price to. The user will be able to use it only if he books the total amount you inserted.
- Click on “Send customized offer”.
- If you send more than one customized offer to the same user, he will be able to use only the last one you sent him. All previous offers won’t be valid further.


The price you enter must be gross of the commissions applied to the skipper and must also include the commissions charged to the user by Sailsquare, equal to 5%.

Example: if the fee that appears on the page of your experience is 630€, it means that when you have listed the experience, you have also indicated a fee of 600€ per person. The final price for the user is 630€ because the commissions charged to the end user by Sailsquare, equal to 5% (30€ in this case), have been calculated automatically.
If you want to reserve a discount of 100€ and offer a fee of 500€, in the customized offer you will have to indicate a final fee already including the 5% that Sailsquare applies to the end user. In this case, therefore, you will have to multiply the quota by 1.05 --> 500€ multiplied by 1.05 is equal to 525€.


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