What are the discounts for the first sailors on board?

Inside the creation process of a holiday, you can set an Early booking discount on the price per person. The early booking discount can be applied to a specific amount of participants you decide.
It is very useful if you want your holiday to receive the first bookings, making it easier to make other travelers book it too. You should consider it even more if you just started your career in Sailsquare and you don’t have reviews yet.

You will decide the number of participants who are entitled to enjoy the early booking discount when creating the holiday. When reaching the minimum number of participants you selected, the price will be set on the entire price you decided.
For instance, if you selected 2 as the minimum number of participants and you inserted a 30€ early booking discount, the first two users that will join the experience will enjoy this discount. From the third user on, the price will be automatically reset as entire.

If you decide to confirm the holiday even without reaching the minimum number you set, the discount will remain valid on the number of participants you decided.


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