How can I list a holiday on Sailsquare?

Once you have completed your application, you will be redirected to step 6, in which you will be asked to:

- download the Introduction to the platform guide, which contains all the useful tips to get the best experience from Sailsquare;

- book your activation call, during which we will show you how to list your first holiday and the most useful tools of the platform; This call will not last more than 30 minutes and will require your presence in front of a tablet or PC.

If you left Step 6 and you do not know how to come back, just click on "Publish a holiday" and click again on the red Accredited box to publish your holidays: you will be automatically redirected to step 6 and download the guide and book the your activation call.

If you have accredited a while ago and do not remember how to publish a holiday or want to brush up on the use of some platform tools, contact the Customer Care at 


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