What is the Minimum Number of participants?

The minimum number of participants corresponds to the amount of guests on board that you need to confirm the departure of the experience. For example, if you indicate a minimum crew of 4, you can decide not to sail if you have not received at least 4 bookings.

Upon reaching the minimum number of participants, the platform will automatically confirm your experience. If you wish to confirm the experience right away, you can enter 0 as the minimum number of participants.

Remember also that at any time, regardless of the minimum number, you can still manually confirm your proposal from the holiday management panel. To access it, access your personal menu in the upper right-hand corner by scrolling the mouse over your name, click on "My travel projects" and click on the designated proposal. You will find a panel with the option "Confirm holiday" at the top right.

An important tip: the higher the minimum numb
er is, the lower will be the user's interest to register, especially if they are the first ones to book. Therefore, the ideal is to indicate a minimum number that is as low as possible, while respecting your needs to get the boat out of the port.
It is better to increase the price per quota and have a lower minimum number rather than having a minimum number unattainable at lower prices.


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