How can I add a sailing boat to my profile?

At the end of the second step of your application as a skipper, you will be redirected to step 3, where you will find two options: "I own a sailboat" and "I do not own a sailboat".

Choosing the first option you can proceed to enter all the data of your boat. By choosing the photos, please send:

  • At least 2 photographs of the whole boat (at anchor, while sailing)
  • At least 2 photos of the dinette
  • At least 2 photos of the cabins
  • More photos (cockpit, masthead, deck, etc.)

The photos must have the following characteristics:

  • Horizontal and with a good resolution: the photos must be horizontal, with a resolution equal to or greater than 1200 pixels.
  • Good framing and bright: photos with an interesting framing and good brightness will certainly want to get on board with you. Remember that the more the subject is zoomed, the less you perceive the idea of ​​what is being represented.
  • Boat in order: avoid taking pictures with dishes in the bucket or clothes hanging on the rails (we will not tell you anything if you see some extra fender!). Avoid, if you can, the photos taken at the dock and especially the anonymous photos and catalog, which tell the standard model and not your real boat!

NOTE: If you can not upload your photos, they may be too heavy: please email them to or via WeTransfer!

If you have problems continuing with the application, there is certainly some element missing or some error in uploading photos, or a bad internet connection that does not make you proceed. In any case, contact the Customer Support at and we will help you complete the application.

If you have completed your application some time ago by choosing the second option and now you are in possession of a boat and would like to add it, contact the Customer Support at and we will help you to add the necessary data.


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