For which reasons the skipper can cancel my reservation?

The crew leader / tour leader organizer of the experience you have booked has 24 hours to reject your booking, if your booking is refused, you will immediately receive an email notification, which can happen if the organizer has not updated the availability of seats on board and on the platform are more seats than actually available, or if for some relevant reason does not consider you appropriate to the proposal you have joined: for example, if you book for you and your children on board a holiday of singles, or vice versa.

Note: 24 hours are given to the skipper; instead it is not a further 24 hours left to the user to choose whether or not to confirm his reservation, which after 24 hours will be considered fully confirmed and will be subject to the General Terms and Conditions of the platform.

We remind you that Sailsquare is a community based on trust and transparency: this is why the Crew Leader / Tour Leader has the possibility to cancel your reservation at any time, even after 24 hours, if incorrect or untrue data were provided (for example related to sex and age, or the presence of minors not reported in the booking phase), or if particular needs have been omitted (for example, allergies, the presence of animals on board) and physical conditions that can lead to risk your health (for example, drug therapies and pregnancies).

For more information about the cancellation of your booking please contact our Customer Support.


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