Can I take advantage of discounts and promotions?

Of course you can! You will find two different types of discounts:

  • discounts offered by skipper/tour leader;
  • discounts and promotions offered by Sailsquare.

1) When we talk about discounts offered by skippers we refer to the "Early booking" discount offered by the organiser of the experience. It is a discount that is already applied by default and visible on the page of the experience you have chosen. This discount is dedicated to the first guests who choose to board.

2) The discounts offered by Sailsquare are Coupon Codes for special promotions offered by the platform. All coupons have a fixed maximum value, and can cover up to a maximum of 15% of the cost of each experience. The applicable discount, therefore, may vary depending on the experience.
Each coupon is only available for a single reservation of one or more shares. The surplus value of the coupon that exceeds 15% of the cost of the chosen experience will be permanently lost.
When booking you can enter the coupon code in the box provided, click on "Verify Code" and see the maximum discount applicable to the experience chosen.
All coupons also have an expiry date and can not be used after that date.
Sailsquare coupons cannot be combined with other promotions, such as other coupons or Reward Program credits. They can be used instead in the presence of the Early Booking discount.
For more information about the Reward Program click here.

There are 3 different types of coupons:

  • open coupons, which can be used by all users who know the code;
  • nominal coupons, associated with the Sailsquare profile of individual users and usable only by them;
  • coupons linked to the holiday code, which can be used by all users only for booking a particular experience.



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