Can I book also for other people?

Yes, during the booking phase you can choose to pay for other people.
Remember that you are already counted in the booking, so you will only need to add the people who will come with you. You will need to do the following procedure as many times as the number of people you want to book for.

At the first step of the booking process you will find the "Add another participant" option at the top.
If the participant is major you will be asked for his/her email, then clicking on Confirm you can enter his/her name, surname and type of person. If the email address you entered is the same one used by the participant to register on Sailsquare, his/her data will be filled in automatically.

If the participant is underage, select the "The participant is a underage" flag and click on Confirm. You will then be asked to add his/her name, surname and gender.

The number of maximum spots that can be purchased for the same experience depends on the number of seats available.

Warning: after making an initial reservation for you for a particular experience you will not be able to add further quotas for the same experience through your profile.

If you notice that you have purchased fewer shares than you wish, we invite you to contact our Customer Support promptly to receive booking assistance.

Spots not purchased will not be blocked and will remain on sale, so it's important to contact our Customer Support as soon as possible.


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