The red button "Book Now" does not appear on the holiday page. Why?

If you do not see the "book now" button on the holiday page, it means that you can not proceed with the reservation.

The reasons why it is not possible to access the booking page can be different:

  • the experience organiser has set an age range different from yours. In this case we suggest you contact the skipper / tour leader through the message area to check with him if you can take part;
  • the crew is already full;
  • you are already on board the experience: if you have already booked a spot on board for you, you can not book another spot with your profile for someone else. Contact our Customer Support to receive support;
  • the experience is underway or has already been completed.

    If you want to receive support to look for a holiday similar to the one you wanted to book, contact the Customer Support.

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