How do I book a spot?

To book an experience you must first of all register on Sailsquare by clicking here, completing all the data required for your profile (name, surname, date of birth). Remember at the bottom of the page to save the info entered.

Subsequently, after logging in, in the page of the experience you have chosen you will find the red box with the "Book Now" button.

Click on the button to access the first step of the booking process.
Here you will first have to choose whether to book the entire boat (if available) or single quotes. In the second case, if you want to book for other people, you will be asked to enter an email address and name, surname and gender for each adult you are booking for.
Small tip: if it's a surprise you can enter your secondary email address to continue. For minors, however, it is necessary to tick the "minor" and fill in the required data. Warning: you do not have to enter yourself among the participants because the reservation for you is entered by default.
You can then view any applicable discounts.
At this point, to continue with the payment, click on the "Next step" button.

On this second page, you will have to enter your personal data: all fields are mandatory, but will not be made public. At the end click on "Make payment".

At this point you will see a small box, through which you can make the payment, entering your credit / debit / prepaid card details, and authorizing payment.

Once the payment is authorized wait a few seconds, you will be redirected to a page confirming the completion of the booking process. You will then receive a notification email with a summary of your booking in which you will also find the personal contacts of the Skipper / Tour leader.

Note: the organiser has 24 hours to cancel your reservation; once this time has elapsed, your booking can be considered confirmed in all respects. Therefore, before proceeding with the booking, we advise you to send a message to the Skipper / Tour Leader, by clicking on the appropriate button to get ready and receive more information about the experience you wish to book.


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