How can I get more information about an experience?  

To receive more information and curiosity about an experience you can contact the Skipper / Tour Leader who is organising it. In each experience page there is a red box with a button written "Contact the skipper"/ "Contact the tour leader".

You can send him a message through the message area; once the skipper replies, you will receive an email notification with your message and you will be able to respond by accessing your message area again.
Within the message area you will also find the history of all the conversations you had with skipper and tour leader.

Note: to be able to send or reply to a message you must be registered and logged in: to reply to a message you must access the message area on Sailsquare, if you reply directly to your message from your personal mailbox () your interlocutor will not will receive your message, which will be lost!

Attention: For security and privacy, we remind you that you can't exchange your contacts (for example personal sites, phone numbers, email addresses, contacts on Social Network, etc ...) with users of the platform before the reservation: you will receive the contact details of the user or organiser once the reservation has been completed
Any attempt to send personal contacts will be considered an attempt to fraud against the platform, and this action can be sanctioned as specified in art. 3 co. 2 of the Site Use Conditions.


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