What does the price of an experience depend on?  

The fee per person (and eventually for the whole boat) for each experience is established by the organiser of the experience. Within each holiday page, you will find what is included in the fee and what will be the extra costs to be incurred during the experience.

In particular for sailing experiences, when there are no people on board, you can also see the cost for the whole boat, choosing to book all the available seats on board.

Again for this type of experience the price of the share is influenced by several factors, such as the destination chosen, the period in which the experience is organised, the type of boat used, which expenses are included in the price (for example ports or galley ..) and eventually an additional service on board (hostess, masseur etc.).

For some experiences you can also see a discount (decided by the organiser) reserved for the first guests...certainly a good reason to book first!


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